Fire Safety Upgrades for Short Term Rental Accommodation and Holiday Homes (Title)

Installation or replacement of smoke alarms & evacuation plans. New fire safety measures are required by NSW Government Legislation.

Compliance is now mandatory for all short term rental accommodation in NSW.

NSW Legislation also requires interconnected smoke alarms for STRAs if there is more than one smoke alarm installed in the building. Heat alarms may also be required in some garages. Carbon monoxide alarms are also a wise decision if you have any gas appliances or a wood fire in your STRA. Electromagnetic Health & Safety will prefer 10-year lithium battery, wire connection with industry standard alarms, but wireless can be installed upon request or if wire interconnection is not possible. 240 V smoke alarms are also available but will require the additional cost of a licenced electrician.

Don't forget to Test & Tag your electrical appliances! Fire & Rescue NSW states that 40% of fires are caused by electrical faults. The risk can be drastically reduced by testing & tagging all electrical cords, powerboards & appliances in your premises. Electromagnetic Health & Safety also offers Test & Tag (Appliance Testing) services.

Labour on-site $100 + GST per hour

10-year lithium battery wire interconnect smoke or heat alarms $140 + GST per alarm (industry standard brand)

10-year lithium battery wireless interconnect smoke or heat alarms $90 + GST per alarm

240V smoke or heat alarms - please enquire

Carbon Monoxide alarms - please enquire

Alarm Controller panels - please enquire

Back to base monitoring - please enquire

Fire blanket 1x1m $30 + GST per blanket

or 1.8x1.2m $40 + GST per blanket

or 1.8x1.8m $50 + GST per blanket

Fire extinguisher 1kg dry chemical $80 + GST per extinguisher

or 2.5kg dry chemical $80 + GST per extinguisher

Evacuation Diagrams (A4 size printed, laminated, installed) $50 + GST per evac

If you require a floor plan to be drawn up $100 per hour

If licenced electrician is required to remove/replace 240V alarms or modify 240V wiring: additional $90 + GST per hour

Fire safety statement $50 + GST per STRA

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